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1996 優良論文獎 Recovery of a Cylinder from a Single Perspecive View with the Aid of a Grid Supporting Plane 馬譯政 / 陳稔 / 杜德智 / 賈叢林
1996 優良論文獎 Facial Expression Recognition Using Model-Based Feature Extraction and Motion Pattern Classification 黃裕明 / 黃仲陵
1996 優良論文獎 Calibration of an Active Binocular Head 石勝文 / 洪一平
1996 佳作論文獎 CFART and Its Application to Color Image 杜信仲 / 廖弘源 / 洪海龍 / 施純傑 / 范國清 / 林維中
1996 佳作論文獎 An Automated System for Detection and Classification of Microcalcification in Digital Mammograms 徐必璋 / 詹寶珠 / 張建褘
1996 佳作論文獎 Adaptive Page Segmentation for Color Document Images 陳維沅 / 陳淑媛
1996 佳作論文獎 Identification of Technical Journals Based on Hidden Markov Models 溫珮君 / 王玲玲
1996 佳作論文獎 Morphological Skeletonization of I-images 詹森仁 / 薛元澤