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2000 優良論文獎 Texture Mapping Polygons Using Scanline Mapping Geometry 劉中宇 / 賈叢林
2000 優良論文獎 Obstacle Avoidance in Person Following for Vision-Based Autonomous Land Vehicle Guidance Using Vehicle Location Estimation and Quadratic Pattern Classifier 顧靜恆 / 蔡文祥
2000 佳作論文獎 A Study on Data Hiding in Audio Signals 王佳仁 / 陳玲慧
2000 佳作論文獎 Some Property of Camera Sampling Field 林炳賢 / 李同益
2000 佳作論文獎 Knowledge-Based Tracking and Modeling of Facial Expressions by Stereo Vision Techniques 黃家揚 / 蔡文祥
2000 佳作論文獎 Compressible Cover Images Using the Quadtree and Shading Approach 鍾國亮 / 曾修宜
2000 影像聯誼會優良論文獎 Real-Time Software Method for Preserving Eye Contact in Video Conferencing 洪一平 / 高敬哲 / 蔡玉寶
2000 影像聯誼會佳作論文獎 Wavelet-Based Optical Flow Estimation and Its Application to Face Recognition 陳麗芬 / 廖弘源 / 林志青
2000 影像聯誼會佳作論文獎 Image Segmentation with Improved Watershed Algorithm and Its FPGA Implementation 郭鐘榮 / 黃明啟
2000 影像聯誼會佳作論文獎 Learning Visual Concepts from Image Instances 謝君偉 / 江政欽 / 黃雅軒 / 黃立吾
2000 優良論文獎(黃俊雄紀念基金會) ICA Model-based Oblivious Cocktail Watermarking 呂俊賢 / 廖弘源
2000 佳作論文獎(黃俊雄紀念基金會) A Robust Digital Image Watermarking Method without Original Image against Intentional Attacks and JPEG Compression 林亮廷 / 張世旭 / 許文星
2000 佳作論文獎(黃俊雄紀念基金會) Using Hidden Markov Model for Chinese Business Card Recognition 王元凱 / 范國清 / 莊堯棠 / 陳泰宏


1999 優良論文獎 Calibration-free augmented reality for embedding virtual objects in a real image sequence 余國華 / 周宏隆 / 陳稔
1999 優良論文獎 Digital image and video watermarking utilizing just-noticeable-distortion model 貝蘇章 / 陳昱豪 / 童如芳
1999 優良論文獎 An efficient method for imperceptive data embedding in images 吳大鈞 / 蔡文祥
1999 佳作論文獎 River : A novel technique for video object segmentation using flow-threads 黃鶴超 / 洪一平
1999 佳作論文獎 Gesture recognition using hidden Markov models 陳豐生 / 黃仲陵 / 莊佳穎
1999 佳作論文獎 Registration of multi-modality nasopharyngeal carcinoma images 張傳育 / 詹寶珠 / 黃文禎 / 賴炳宏
1999 佳作論文獎 Multiple classifiers for color image retrieval 謝英瀋 / 范國清
1999 佳作論文獎 Cocktail watermarking on images and audios 呂俊賢 / 廖弘源 / 黃世昆 / 施純傑
1999 佳作論文獎 Human face feature tracking and head pose estimation with aid of kalman filter 鄭至豪 / 張耀仁 / 陳永昌
1999 佳作論文獎 Image classification using cellular color decomposition 羅志賢 / 陳淑媛
1999 佳作論文獎 Image coding using wavelet transform with entropy-constrained trellis-coded quaitization 邱世霖 / 張隆紋
1999 佳作論文獎 Multi-tupe Interpolation using Fourier Descriptors 李宗南 / 張顧耀 / 張宜寧 / 陳立祥