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2002 優良論文獎 Automatic Vehicle Navigation and Parking in Building Corridors Using Panoramic Sensing and 2D Image Analysis Techniques 邱獻億 / 蔡文祥
2002 佳作論文獎 A Real-Time Eye-Tracking System for Autostereoscopic Displays 蘇展弘 / 陳永昇 / 洪一平 / 陳祝嵩
2002 佳作論文獎 Automatic Iris Recognition Technique based on Divider Dimension and Karhunen-Loeve Transform 陳文雄 / 石勝文 / 林永淋 / 柳錦成
2002 佳作論文獎 A Hierarchical Approach to Automatic Rotorcraft Landing in Vertiports by Vision-Based Landmark Location Techniques Using Multiple Line and Circle Information 賴志群 / 蔡文祥
2002 佳作論文獎 Fast Face Detection Using Components 蔡耀弘 / 黃雅軒 / Tomaso Poggio
2002 佳作論文獎 A Stereo Interface for Accessing Stereo Matching Results from A Human Operator 石勝文 / 羅子軒 / 游子宜 / 陳文雄
2002 優良論文獎(黃俊雄紀念基金會) Using Color Histogram Algorithm for Pose-and Multiple Illuminations-Invariant Matching of Images 貝蘇章 / 曾慶龍
2002 佳作論文獎(黃俊雄紀念基金會) An Enhanced Super-Resolution System with Improved Image Registration, Automatic Image Selection, and Image Enhancement 郭又銓 / 陳建宇 / 傅楸善
2002 佳作論文獎(黃俊雄紀念基金會) Integrating Relevance Feedback Techniques for Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Reinforcement Learning 尹邦嚴 / 張光政


2001 優良論文獎 Face Detection for Different Chromatic Illuminations 貝蘇章 / 曾慶龍
2001 優良論文獎 A Method for Positioning Pixel Targets in an Aerial Photograph Using Projective Invariants 田笙志 / 賈叢林
2001 優良論文獎 Security Patrolling in Building Corridors by Multiple-Camera Computer Vision and Automatic Vehicle Navigation Techniques 劉睿智 / 蔡文祥
2001 佳作論文獎 Personal Authentication Using Palmprint Features 韓欽銓 / 鄭旭良 / 范國清
2001 佳作論文獎 A New Motion Estimation Technique for Video Coding Using Adaptive Kalman Filter with Model Switching 郭忠民 / 謝朝和 / 趙正平
2001 佳作論文獎 Moving Object Extraction using Mosaic Technique and Tracking with Active Camera 王智鳴 / 張耀仁 / 陳永昌
2001 佳作論文獎 Real-Time Compressed Video Watermarking in the VLC Domain 呂俊賢 / 陳建儒 / 廖弘源 /范國清
2001 佳作論文獎 A Potential-Based Generalized Cylinder Representation 莊仁輝 / 蔡祈浩 / 陳政輝
2001 佳作論文獎 Noise Channel Model in Fast Frequency Hopping Watermarking Technique 李建儒 / 許文星
2001 佳作論文獎 Detecting Illegal Lane Changes from Videos 藍元宗 / 田筱榮 / 廖弘源 /陳明揚
2001 佳作論文獎 Splat Size Decision for Image-Based Rendering through Sampling Density Analysis 林炳賢 /李同益
2001 佳作論文獎 Translation, rotation and scale invariant color texture retrieval 姚正浩 / 陳淑媛
2001 佳作論文獎 A Study on Lip Animation for Virtual Announcers by Combining Voice Analysis, 3D Graphics, and Computer Vision Techniques 石偉呈 / 蔡文祥
2001 優良論文獎(黃俊雄紀念基金會) Augmenting Panoramas with Object Movies by Generating Novel Views with Disparity-Based View Morphing 洪一平 / 陳祝嵩 / 蔡玉寶 / 林斯韡
2001 佳作論文獎(黃俊雄紀念基金會) A fast method for virtual advertising based on geometric invariant – A tennis match case 黃政憲 / 賈叢林
2001 佳作論文獎(黃俊雄紀念基金會) Experimental Study of a Spatiotemporal Neural Network for Diagnosing Recurrent Nasal Papilloma 張傳育 / 詹寶珠 / 賴炳宏