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CVGIP 2007

2007 優良論文獎 Novel High--Quality Demosaicing Algorithm for Color Filter Array 鍾國亮、楊偉楨、顏文明、王中周
2007 優良論文獎 Grid-based Template Matching for People Counting 謝君偉、黃川育、彭振軒、范國清
2007 佳作論文獎 Data Hiding in Grayscale Images by Dynamic Programming Based on a Human Visual Model 李義溪、蔡文祥
2007 佳作論文獎 Field Motion-Compensated Interpolation Method for Distributed Video Coding 張文聖、陳志明、陳永昌
2007 佳作論文獎 A Virtual Channel Technique for Supporting Live On-Demand Streaming 林念珍、詹振隆、張鶴薰、王家祥
2007 佳作論文獎 Low-Complexity Power-Scalable Multi-View Distributed Video Coding for Wireless Video Sensor Networks 康立威、呂俊賢
2007 佳作論文獎 Fast Mode Decision Algorithms for Adaptive GOP Structure in the Scalable Extension of H.264/AVC 邱志偉、蔡佳銘、林嘉文
2007 佳作論文獎 Event Detection in Tennis Matches Based on Real-World Audiovisual Cues 朱威達、田敏君、王奕棠、周辰威、謝逵繹、吳家麟
2007 佳作論文獎 Images Sharing the Same Amplitude Spectrum but Different Phase Key 丁建均、貝蘇章、郭國銓、黃俊德、林于哲、張育思、沈汝川
2007 佳作論文獎 Eye-Contact for Video Conferencing Using Image Synthesis Based on Multi-Cameras 葛祐嘉、洪一平、蕭全亨
2007 優良論文獎(黃俊雄紀念基金會) Face Recognition using Kernel Fisher’s Discriminant Transformation in Image Sets 朱文生、陳洳瑾、連震杰
2007 佳作論文獎(黃俊雄紀念基金會) Locating and Decoding EAN/QR Barcodes in Camera Mobile Phone 林家全、賈叢林
2007 佳作論文獎(黃俊雄紀念基金會) A*-Guided Generalized Hough Transform for Multiple Shapes 張欽圳