CVGIP2000 優良論文與佳作論文得獎名單


1. 劉中宇、賈叢林,[Texture Mapping Polygons Using Scanline Mapping Geometry]
2. 顧靜恆、蔡文祥,[Obstacle Avoidance in Person Following for Vision-based Autonomous Land Vehicle Guidance Using Vehicle Location Estimation and Quadratic Pattern Classifier]


1. 王佳仁、陳玲慧,[A Study on Data Hiding in Audio Signals]
2. 林炳賢、李同益,[Some Property of Camera Sampling Field]
3. 黃家揚、蔡文祥,[Knowledge-Based Tracking and Modeling of Facial Expressions by Stereo Vision Techniques]
4. 鍾國亮、曾修宜,[Compressible Cover Images Using the Quadtree and Shading Approach]


1. 洪一平、高敬哲、蔡玉寶,[Real-Time Software Method for Preserving Eye Contact in Video Conferencing]


1. 陳麗芬、廖弘源、林志青,[Wavelet-based Optical Flow Estimation and Its Application to Face Recognition]
2. 郭鐘榮、黃明啟,[Image Segmentation with Improved Watershed Algorithm and Its FPGA Implementation]
3. 謝君偉、江政欽、黃雅軒、黃立吾,[Learning Visual Concepts from Image Instances]


1. 呂俊賢、廖弘源,[ICA Model-based Oblivious Cocktail Watermarking]


1. 林亮廷、張世旭、許文星,[A Robust Digital Image Watermarking Method Without Original Image against Intentional Attacks and JPEG Compression]
2. 王元凱、范國清、莊堯棠、陳泰宏,[Using Hidden Markov Model for Chinese Business Card Recognition]